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Armagnacs only “Brut du Fût” – pure from the cask.

Our House offers rare and exceptional Armagnacs for epicurean tasters and discerning palates.

L’Encantada (adjective) : In Gascon, means the enchantress or the enchanter. Which charms, delights the heart, the mind; bewitching

“For us, it refers both to the Grail quest, which symbolizes the impossible quest for perfection that drives us to constantly improve, and to a more magical aspect.”

L'Encantada Spirit

Gascony, land of flavors, know-how and authenticity, gave birth to L’Encantada. We are négociants – éleveurs, offering rare and exceptional armagnacs bottled in our Vic-Fezensac winery.

L’Encantada works in partnership with small producers located in different terroirs.
We select specific barrels which are then matured in our cellars to sublimate and continue this work of passion.

The manufacturing

Steps of elaboration

1. Harvest

Armagnac is produced from grapes from the Gascony region of France. The grape varieties frequently used are Ugni blanc, Baco, Colombard and Folle Blanche.


The aged wine is distilled in an Armagnac still to produce pure alcohol, called eau-de-vie. This brandy is then put in barrels for aging.


The armagnac is then patiently aged in oak barrels for several years. This period is called the maturation and precedes the bottling.


The cellar master then chooses the right moment to bottle the Armagnac and offer it for tasting.

Our domains

Bas-Armagnac is renowned for its light, fruity, rapidly aging eaux-de-vie.

Armagnac-Ténarèze is known to give fuller-bodied eaux-de-vie, reaching their fullness with age.

Haut-Armagnac has a more chalky terroir, giving powerful, full-bodied eaux de vie.

The experience

Would you like to live a unique experience and learn more about the noble product that is Armagnac?

We open the doors of the winery for visits and tastings. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

We can provide you with transportation, catering and accommodation solutions.


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Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 48,7%

Fest’Armagnac – limited edition


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