Domaine Cutxan 2005 – Collection Renaissance


Domaine Cutxan 2005 Armagnac is made from 100% ugni blanc grapes grown in a damp cellar. This is a gourmet, fruity armagnac, with notes of exotic fruits, mango, pineapple and peach.
Greedy and fruity. Exotic fruit, mango, peach
Alcohol : 50,2%
Year : 2005
Color : Amber
Grape varieties : Ugni blanc
Volume : 70 cL

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The Renaissance de l’Encantada range is a premium range of 3 armagnacs bottled in 3 beautiful bottles representing a fresco created by an artist. These are three vintages from different estates, three Bas Armagnacs, all very different in variety, but all very tasty.

Tasting note


Notes of vanilla and oak, followed by spices, cinnamon, curry and cloves. Mirabelle plum, vine peach, the feeling of keeping a core in the mouth. The pleasant sensation of entering the bakery…with the scent of nougat, tarts, brioches coming out of the oven, crème brûlée and soft caramel! A gourmet craving invites us to travel, with notes of oak reminiscent of a walk in the woods, and a caramel candy that melts under the tongue…


A pleasant, balanced attack. There’s a caramel confectionery feel to it, with the sweetness of wood caressing the palate. Then the crunch of the tart, the warm cake. This Cutxan estate takes us on a journey with its notes of almonds, caramel and molasses. The silky texture brought out by the Baco grape: the crunchy caramel on the crème brûlée, the exotic fruit that rushes in and intertwines!


A superb, gourmand, elegant finish.


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 46,2%

Domaine Lous Mouracs 1983

A partir de 103,00

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 42%

Domaine Del Cassou 1982

A partir de 122,90

Taste : Spicy, Woody
Alcohol : 47,2%

Selection l’Encantada 20 years

A partir de 63,20

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 56,6%

Finish Rhum – Domaine du Pin 2016


Taste : Multiple

MICHTER’S US 1 Bourbon


Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 59,2%

Domaine Del Pouy 2006

A partir de 82,20

Taste : Floral
Alcohol : 40,2%

Domaine Le Sablé 1976

A partir de 150,90

Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 46,8%

Tattoo Finish Bourbon 2011

A partir de 68,00