Domaine Lassalle 1992

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The rather humid cellar has given the barrels of the Lassalle estate a patina and a greediness.
Alcohol : 48,7%
Year : 1992
Color : Amber
Grape varieties : Ugni blanc
Volume : 50 cL, 150 cl, 250 cl

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The word Lassalle is often used in Gascony to designate a high point, a fortified place. However the building is modest, but the soil is good, vinified with ugni blanc, these armagnacs have been distilled with a mobile still on wood fire.  

Tasting note


Very ripe fruit, slightly oxidized apple emerges from the glass. We feel the sweetness and it arouses curiosity, a touch of raisins …


Cooked caramel, a pleasant sensation of freshly ground coffee, vanilla and hints of cinnamon and other spices clash. The slight bitterness is interesting because it brings a vivacity, a small thread to finish on notes of roasted dried fruits, currants, a slice of gingerbread. The journey is complex but the promise is in the glass!


Barrel is balanced on the flavors and texture.


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 47,8%

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