Passion above all

L’Encantada was created in Vic Fezensac in 2011 by a small group of friends, passionate armagnac enthusiasts. They joined forces to create this specialised independent bottlers that respects this noble product Armagnac, issued from a emblematic and authentic terroir. L’Encantada’s objective is to make you discover with awe, the traditions, the ancient craft and the full-bodied history, specific to this alcohol which is more than 700 years old, dating from the 13th century.


Respect and trust

Dedicated to the respect and preservation of this artisan craft’s values, Christelle, Vincent and Frédéric have created their own exclusive collection of rare pearls, forgotten elixirs and exceptional pieces to share and savour, but specially to transmit to others. Today with the trust of their partner producers, some who had stopped “burning” quite a long time ago, these three friends share with you their love for this Gascony brandy, telling the story behind each label. It is a singular trading-house where wine merchants, prestigious restaurants and enlightened connoisseurs make up their loyal clientele.


Preserving the authenticity

Vincent, the cellar master, makes a careful selection of each vintage. The eaux-de-vie are then bottled “brut de fût”, cask strength to conserve the unique identity of each cask.

In order to preserve the personality and authenticity of each armagnac, Encantada undertakes not to modify its colour or alcohol content. The products are neither filtered, reduced, nor sweetened and without the addition of oak extract


A joint interview with the three musketeers that make up the fine team of L’Encantada … We shall let them introduce themselves and allow each one to share with us, their vision of the company.

Vincent, our cellar master

I am deeply attached to my Gascony land, to it’s heritage and traditions. L’Encantada was created in 2011 to make people remember and discover these forgotten extraordinary armagnacs.

Like all good Gascons, I like to take my time meeting small Armagnac producers in the countryside wishing to sell their products. We need patience for these armagnacs to improve with time, we need to take the utmost care to find the right dosage for a 20 or 25 year old blend.

Our vineyard is being renovated and so in the near future there should be the promise of a beautiful armagnac, 100% Encantada product.

Armagnac is an extraordinary and fascinating product which captures the French bon-vivant spirit. It is the result of a gift of nature, shaped by men. It is the expression of the terroir and is capable of lasting for decades. It is embellished with care and time. It knows how to be generous, it is always spoken about with respect and always brings a smile.

It also knows how to be complex, delicate, refined, persistent and leaves an indelible memory for those who take the time to understand it.

I have huge respect for our spirit producers and domaine-owners. They inspire me and I am always humble before them, their ancient craft and their expertise. It is these very men and women who have created these remarkable eaux de vies.

There are several aspects to this research, sometimes a work of investigation, sometimes a work of understanding, sometimes a work of projection. Sometimes these armagnacs are not entirely what I am seeking. They might need to be further refined or have a different method of refinement, they might require a different wood, …

Other times, these products are not what I am looking for and we have to be transparent with these owners.

We can produce and offer exceptional armagnacs and at the same time share and guide our clientele with congeniality. I think that these eaux-de-vie need to be rediscovered, reconquered and explained, in order to reveal its more complex aspects, and to break with its sometimes old-fashioned image!

What could be better than to mix business with pleasure? I really believe that spirits can be marketed with joy and good humour.

And let’s not forget that Encantada is an association of friends, passionate bon vivants …!

Originally, I am not from the world of Armagnac but my husband Vincent, was able to transmit his passion for this spirit to me. I take great pleasure in tasting the products he brings back from his visits to the countryside. Sometimes we spend evenings tasting and sharing our opinions (even though I don’t always use the correct vocabulary for the tasting notes…).

When we talk about Armagnac, people sometimes think it will have a very strong overpowering alcohol taste in the mouth, because of the high degree, eg. 51% . This is not the case, on the contrary… an armagnac from the Del Cassou estate, for example, will have more sweetness and more natural complexity, whereas a Lous Pibous armagnac with its Folle Blanche grape variety, will be more appealing to the ladies because of its floral aromas.

Until now, I was solely in charge of the administrative side of the company, although of course, I never hesitated to give a hand during bottlings… one of the pleasures of a small wine-house is that you have to be able to do everything. With the creation of our new tasting room, we hope to welcome all the spirit lovers during their visits in a warm and convivial atmosphere. We also plan to organize armagnac-themed evenings, exhibitions, and even small concerts…

Christelle, our "administrative guardian" ...

Frederic, our "master of trade/public relations"...

I have been Vincent’s friend since childhood where we would always get up to lots of mischief together (“les 400 coups”) when I came down in the holidays to the beautiful village Lupiac in d’Artagnan’s land. Today we share the same passion for this beautiful spirit, these beautiful eaux-des-vies with their full-bodied history and Gascony heritage and culture.

With my natural zest, I think I was destined to work in commerce……..

I take great pleasure in tasting our armagnacs and then guiding our customers, who often have discerning palates, in their tastings. It is a real pleasure to see them become loyal clients.

In my opinion, a single cask, brut de fut as proposed by l’Encantada, must be able to represent the unique expression/identity of the selected (barrel) piece.

I love the idea that each barrel is ephemeral, it’s very seductive, allowing you to travel from one world to another. Our tastes and our expectations constantly evolve….

We have great formidable spirits in France. Our Armagnac is bought by whisky lovers, who are not always aware of the richness of our terroirs and the diversity of our French spirits.

I love surprising our armagnac lovers in blind tastings, which can help a better understanding of the Armagnac.

Our Armagnac selections

The Armagnacs of L’Encantada, finely selected by our cellar master, are “brut de fût”, their colour and degree of alcohol are not modified. We do not add any caramel, sugar or water…

We bottle in our wine-cellar in Vic Fezensac and we welcome and accompany you with great pleasure in the discovery with our expertise and careful selections of this brandy that has a history of more than 700 years. A brandy that is good for the body and soul whose traditions date from the 13th century. One of the oldest distilled spirits produced anywhere in Europe.