Domaine Lous Pibous 1995 – Collection Renaissance


Domaine Lous Pibous 1995 Armagnac is aged in new oak barrels from the region. Fine and complex, it expresses intoxicating notes of cocoa, nougat and fruit tart, delicately enveloped by soft floral notes.
Fine and complex. Cocoa, nougat, fruit tart, floral notes.
Alcohol : 47,9%
Year : 1995
Color : Mahogany
Grape varieties : Folle Blanche
Volume : 70 cL

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The Renaissance de l’Encantada range is a premium range of 3 armagnacs bottled in 3 beautiful bottles representing a fresco created by an artist. These are three vintages from different estates, three Bas Armagnacs, all very different in variety, but all very tasty.

Tasting note


A woody, elegant nose with sweet notes that tickle the nostrils, mixed with more esthetic touches of beeswax and shoe polish, followed by currants. Dark chocolate! An impression of meringue emanating from a lemon tart… hyacinth. A creamy sensation similar to chocolate filled with cherry liqueur.


On the palate, there’s a hint of old wood, a sign of long ageing in rather damp cellars. Spicy notes with hints of dried herbs. Figs, dates… The chocolate fades away in favor of power and length on the contours of the tongue.


An impression of brown caramel on the finish, with a desire to return to identify more precisely these complex fragrances that leave a subtle, gourmand imprint.


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 47,8%

Domaine Le Parre 1990

A partir de 82,00

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 50,2%

Domaine Cutxan 2005 – Collection Renaissance


Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 45,4%

Domaine Larège 1989

A partir de 117,20

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 56%

Domaine Del Pouy 1998

A partir de 92,70

Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 57,3%
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Domaine Lous Pibous 2005


Taste : Spicy
Alcohol : 41,1%


A partir de 20,90

Taste : Spicy, Woody
Alcohol : 47,2%

Selection l’Encantada 20 years

A partir de 63,20

Taste : Multiple
Alcohol : 46,8%

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