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Domaine Del Pouy 1998

A partir de 92,70

At the opening of the bungs of the oak pieces, one can feel the ardor and the power of the Ténarèze…
Alcohol : 56%
Year : 1998
Color : Amber
Grape varieties : Ugni blanc, Colombard
Volume : 50 cL, 70 cL

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From the winery, from domaine du Pouy, you can see the proud and superb cathedral of Condom, and its gothic cloister. At the opening of the bungs of the oak pieces, one can feel the ardor and the power of the Ténarèze… But its floral character quickly comes to intoxicate the curious. A clever blend of Baco, Ugni Blanc, and Colombard harvested and vinified at the estate by Maurice and his wife. Then it’s Patrick’s turn with his gleaming mobile still to distill these delicate armagnacs! The production is now over, but the story continues inside the pieces of oak from Gascony.

Tasting note


White chocolate, astonishing, then violet, an impression of balance of restraint, herbaceous scents, freshness supported by lemon peel, vanilla emerges after a brief airing.


Texture, quince jelly, a spoonful of honey, toasted almonds things get busy! Still a nice freshness… menthol, baked apples. A nice power supports the whole, notes of licorice, apricots, plum jam, even the sensation of the core remained in the mouth.


A soft finish despite a decent alcohol level. Perhaps it is the cocoa that makes its appearance at the end of the mouth, with a spoonful of blond grapes …


Taste : Multiple
Alcohol : 46,5
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