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Domaine lous Pibous

From the Gascon word “Peupliers”, the Lous Pibous estate was named after the trees at the bottom of the hillside of its vineyards.

Located in Mauléon d’Armagnac in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, this estate ages its brandies in new oak barrels from the region to further support this regional identity.

Some vintages are in limited quantities (please call). Lous Pibous 2002, Lous Pibous 2005, Lous Pibous 1996.

Domaine lous Pibous

Profil aromatique
Profil aromatique
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Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 55,4%

Domaine Lous Pibous 1993

A partir de 146,00

Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 56,7%

Domaine Lous Pibous 1996

A partir de 130,00

Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 57,4%

Domaine Lous Pibous 2002 #Anniversary

A partir de 128,00

Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 57,3%
soon out of stock

Domaine Lous Pibous 2005


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 47,9%

Domaine Lous Pibous 1995 – Collection Renaissance