L’Encantada is a Brut de Fût sublimated by 7 years of barrel ageing. A blend of Gascony black oak, then aged in Limousin oak. Pedunculate oak brings depth, while sessile oak brings greed. This young Armagnac seduces us with its aromatic freshness, its design with a square bottle and a label that offers a double reading. At last, a different elixir that gives us access to the world of brut de futs! With its atypical profile, it’s sure to satisfy lovers of rum and other gourmet spirits. Discover this offbeat small batch from a blend where the king grape is Ugni Blanc. It is characterized by fruity, citrus and quince aromas with light balsamic notes. The aim of “Bogosse” is simple: on the one hand, to make the tasting of this brut de fût accessible to all; on the other hand, to enable every pocketbook to enjoy a great brut de fût like the one offered by Maison l’Encantada. It’s up to you to find out which way “Bogosse” will appear to you, in front of or behind the mirror? Let this mysterious bottle surprise you!
Alcohol : 57,6%
Year : 2015
Color : Amber
Grape varieties : Ugni blanc
Volume : 50 cL

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Tasting note


Fruity and delicious. Citrus notes dominate the first nose before evolving into gourmand notes reminiscent of a quince jelly tart just out of the oven. An attractive nose, like a fine appetizer.


Velvety and racy. Initially bursting with candied fruit, it evolves on saline notes reminiscent of salted butter caramel and fresh butter. In retro-olfaction, pleasant notes of pastry, bitter almonds and spices emerge.


Long and evolving. A hint of roasting mingles with fresh grape notes and perfectly integrated oak.


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 56,6%

Finish Rhum – Domaine du Pin 2016


Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 55,4%

Domaine Lous Pibous 1993

A partir de 146,00

Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 40,8%

Domaine Larège 1986

A partir de 120,10

Taste : Floral, Fruity
Alcohol : 40,1%

Domaine Le Sablé 1974

A partir de 154,00

Taste : Floral
Alcohol : 59,9%

White the Encantada

A partir de 31,70

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 50,2%

Domaine Cutxan 2005 – Collection Renaissance


Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 45,6%

Domaine Lassalle 1991

A partir de 101,20

Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 45,4%

Domaine Larège 1989

A partir de 117,20