Domaine Del Cassou 1987 – Collection Renaissance


Domaine Del Cassou 1987 Armagnac, made from the Baco grape variety and distilled in the commune of Arthez d’Armagnac using a mobile still, derives its distinctive fruitiness from maturation in red oak barrels. Subtle and gourmand, it offers an intoxicating experience, imbued with exotic fruits, rancio and vanilla.
Subtle and gourmet. Exotic fruits, rancio, vanilla.
Alcohol : 47,9%
Year : 1987
Color : Amber
Grape varieties : Baco
Volume : 70 cL

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The Renaissance de l’Encantada range is a premium range of 3 armagnacs bottled in 3 beautiful bottles representing a fresco created by an artist. These are three vintages from different estates, three Bas Armagnacs, all very different in variety, but all very tasty.

Tasting note


Old plum on the nose, notes of ripe Morello cherries, salted butter-caramel ice cream… Quince, nougat, fresh almonds, very ripe pineapple, ripe banana, these cauldron flavors with a remnant of peach compote. Plenty of ripe, cooked fruit flatters the nostrils, complementing the woody aromas. You want to dive into the glass, and rediscover the scents of the hidden armagnac cellars.


On the palate, we’re in the heart of the fruit, pineapple, banana, mango, peach, ripe melon…fatness, texture, bite, greed. You’ll always find those addictive pastry notes.


Fresh, licoricey, with the sweet sensation of chewing on a licorice stick.


Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 59,2%

Domaine Del Pouy 2006

A partir de 82,20

Taste : Woody
Alcohol : 45,4%

Domaine Larège 1989

A partir de 117,20

Taste : Floral, Fruity, Gourmet
Alcohol : 54,8%

Extra White

A partir de 50,80

Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 46%

Armagnac Coureau Vieille Réserve

A partir de 55,00

Taste : Fruity, Gourmet
Alcohol : 16%

Plums Reine-Claude


Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 56,7%

Domaine Lous Pibous 1996

A partir de 130,00

Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 46,8%

Tattoo Finish Bourbon 2011

A partir de 68,00

Taste : Multiple

REDBREAST 12 ans Single Pot Still