Domaine Le Frêche 1980

A partir de 172,00

Estate with only 2 hectares of vines.
Alcohol : 41%
Year : 1980
Color : Mahogany
Grape varieties : Baco
Volume : 50 cL, 150 cl, 250 cl

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Baco grape variety. Beautiful sandy terroir. This estate is unique in that its Armagnacs are aged in barrels made from the estate’s own oak trees. This used to be a common practice, with growers exchanging a tree for a few barrels at the cooper’s, and the cooper collecting the rest of the tree. It’s a way to get everyone working, without spending a single penny.  

Tasting note


Acid gummy colas, freeze-dried pineapple rings, black licorice, hazelnut butter, Chinese 5-spice, cumin, cooked pears with cloves, caramelized brown onions, topped with shavings of Gruyère.


A bright, warm explosion of panela (a blend of black sugar and molasses), hazelnut and marzipan. Then, on tiptoe, a fruity flavor… prune juice, and a hint of acidity reminiscent of a good-level tonic. Tart but not too bitter, the result is very pleasant. Then come the raw almonds. The alcohol on the palate isn’t overpowering, but leaves plenty of room for a rainbow of flavors. The taste buds are at their wits’ end on this mellow armagnac, with its beautiful length and a feeling of “coming back to life”.


Lovely length on the palate. Woody notes, pepper, tobacco, cinnamon, caramel and citrus. An armagnac for those who like their spirits a little stronger, like Rhums Caroni or Rhum Demerara.


Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 58%

Domaine Del Cassou 1998

A partir de 97,20

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 47,9%

Domaine Del Cassou 1987 – Collection Renaissance


Taste : Spicy, Woody
Alcohol : 47,2%

Selection l’Encantada 20 years

A partir de 63,20

Taste : Fruity
Alcohol : 42%

Domaine Del Cassou 1982

A partir de 122,90

Taste : Floral, Fruity
Alcohol : 45,5%

Domaine Les Bidets 1985

A partir de 149,30

Taste : Multiple



Taste : Multiple



Taste : Gourmet
Alcohol : 59,2%

Domaine Del Pouy 2006

A partir de 82,20