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Domaine Lous Mouracs 1983

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It was a small estate that used to produce Baco and Ugni blanc but no longer does. It was located in a wetland area, hence its Gascon name Lous Mouracs, meaning “the wetlands”.

Alcohol : 46,2%
Year : 1983
Color : Pearly copper
Grape varieties : Ugni blanc, Baco
Volume : 50 cL, 150 cl, 250 cl

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This estate is located in the Ténarèze appellation zone, but the soils are closer to Bas Armagnac than to typical Ténarèze.
This estate had 2 cellars: 1 rather damp and 1 rather dry, in which we could find Domaine Mouracs 1979 (#3).
Small production, distilled by a mobile still, between 1 and 3 units / year. Some of the barrels were made by a former Condom cooper.

Tasting note


Well-fruited nose of apple, pear, stewed grapes and candied cherry. The almond is also present, but caramelized. The profile is fine and the woodiness delicate. The occasional whiff of alcohol is still noticeable.


The fruitiness on the nose is more intense than on the palate. The apples and pears are rather macerated in brandy, but they give way to the woodiness, which brings a distinct bitterness to the finish. At times, almonds creep into the tasting, accompanied by a touch of sweetness as on the nose.


Long, accomplished. Finely chocolaty, it is also rancid (cherry brandy, apricot liqueur). It evokes the harvesters’ baskets filled with golden bunches of the folle blanche grape variety. Retro olfaction oscillates between prune, vanilla and dark chocolate. The empty glass is roasted (tobacco, coffee).


Taste : Floral
Alcohol : 40,2%

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