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L’Encantada Extra White

This armagnac, with its floral and fruity aromas, would be perfect in the composition of an original cocktail or simply served alone, chilled with on the rocks


L’ENCANTADA 20 years 47%

More than a domain, it is the terroir that speaks here.


L’ENCANTADA 25 years 46,7%

A blend of Bas-Armagnac and Grand Bas Armagnac, terroirs renowned for their finesse and intensely floral and fruity character of their armagnacs.


Plums Reine Claude with Armagnac 16%

Plum Reine Claude with Armagnac grandmother style


Les amis de d’Artagnan

In memory of our friends of d’Artagnan, we have developed this XO blend from Bas Armagnac brut de fût.