The domains

Domaine de Cutxan

Cutxan is located in Bas-Armagnac

Domaine du Pouy

Domain located in Ténarèze in Condom in the Gers.

Domaine del Cassou

This estate is also located in Arthez d’Armagnac.

Domaine lous Pibous

Lous Pibous means « poplars» in Gascon.

Domaine Le Frêche

This domain is located in Labastide d'Armagnac in Bas-Armagnac.

Domaine Larège

This domain is located in the village of Hontanx in the Landes.

Domaine Lassalle

The expression of rancio notes reveals this bas armagnac.

Domaine Le Sablé

In the heart of Bas-Armagnac, the village of Lagrange housed the Domaine le Salé.

Domaine Lous Mouracs

This domain is located in Ténarèze.

Domaine Le Parre

Domaine le Parre is located in Tenarèze, this area no longer exploits vineyards.

Armagnacs Courreau

The Coureau Armagnacs come from the Domaine du Pouy in Condom.

Domaine des Bidets

An emblematic estate in the Bas-Armagnac French appellation area.

Domaine de Mounet

These armagnacs from Mounet estate come from the commune of Bourdalat.

One territory and three terroirs

Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco, Colombard, Plant de graisse, Meslier Saint-François, Clairette de Gascogne, Jurançon Blanc, Mauzac white or rosé: these different grape varieties give us access to an infinitely wide range of aromas.

One territory and three terroirs

At the L’Encantada winery, most vintages are made from the Baco or Folle Blanche grape variety: the Baco grape gives round, smooth brandies with ripe fruit aromas, suitable for ageing and Folle Blanche is made for fine, floral Armagnacs.

Expertise throughout the centuries

The distillation of the spirit- is carried out during the winter following the harvest.

Most of the armagnac is obtained from the mobile alambic still, whose colourless liquid can reach an alcoholic degree ranging from 52% to 72%. Distillation is an essential time in the life of an armagnac.
It is then placed in 400-litre oak barrels, the armagnac ages , becoming golden to mahogany-coloured and loses its alcoholic strength through evaporation which is called the Angel’s share.
It is then blended with other Armagnacs or kept as a vintage.

At the L’Encantada cellar, you can find both unique products however, the vintages remain privileged, in order to taste the personality of a domaine, and its independence, which represents the unique real expression identity of the terroir

What are the differences between Armagnac and Cognac?

Armagnac and Cognac differ in several ways: the territories, the distillation method and the grape varieties used.

Cognac is distilled twice while Armagnac is distilled only once. The main grape variety used in Cognac is Ugni Blanc. While for Armagnac we can find Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Baco or Folle Blanche.

And finally, the two appellations are separated by several hundred kilometers which explains the diversity of the soils.

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