Domaine le sablé

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1973 Domaine le Sable 40,1%

The 1973 Domaine Le Sablé is a true model of freshness. Its main assets are: a medicinal nose, a particularly fruity mouth and a finish that retains the fruity intensity of the mouth for a long time while gaining greediness.

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1974 Domaine le Sable 40,1%

The finish of this vintage armagnac from Domaine le Sablé, produced entirely from the Baco grape, displays a quite remarkable maturity and depth. It carries you away on a light breeze, that suggests the arrival of chilly winter weather with evenings by the fireside sipping a venerable eau de vie.


1976 Domaine le Sable 40,2%

Located in the village of Lagrange, Domaine le Sablé has produced only three vintages from the baco grape: 1973, 1974 and 1976.