Here is the new born of the range!


This time around, this Armagnac or rather “GNAC” presents itself to us with a blue wax halo!

This XO GNAC is a subtle blend of Bas Armagnacs, some of which have waited 20 or 30 years in black oak barrels from Gascony.

“We wanted to speak to a younger audience, to rejuvenate the image of armagnac with our XO GNAC. With GNAC, several interpretations are possible: to have the “gnaque”, to have bite, or the spirit of competition, in short, of dynamism, which perhaps characterizes us, but with us, in Gascony, it is also a abbreviation to speak of armagnac… ”, Frédéric confides to us.

“GNAC is an Armagnac, which is easy to taste, a product to share. Our wish is to also address restaurants, cafes and bars, in order to offer them a very accessible cask brut, “adds Vincent, the cellar master.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

70 cl