L’ENCANTADA 25 years


A blend of Bas-Armagnac and Grand Bas Armagnac, terroirs renowned for their finesse and intensely floral and fruity character of their armagnacs.


L’Encantada is a young company created by a group of passionate Armagnac enthusiasts who joined forces to create this highly-specialised Armagnac company that bottles Bas Armagnacs the natural degree way with no modifications or additives. They come essentially from small wine-producers who, for the most part, have not distilled for a long time. This product is 25 years old and this version is the fruit of a blend of a Bas-Armagnac and a Grand Bas Armagnac, terroirs renowned for their finesse and the intensely floral and fruity character of their eaux-de-vies.
Profile: rich, unctuous. Fresh fruit (prune, apricot, fig) and heady flowers (lily, iris). Toffee and exotic fruits (mango, persimmon, passion fruit). Creamy (almond milk) and earthy notes.
Tasting notes

Nose: rich, concentrated. Filled with classicism, the first nose reveals notes of prune and apricot. Balsamic (cedar), it evolves on toffee and tawny sands (boulbènes). Then, flowers (lily, iris) spread their heady scents. As it evolves, it becomes exotic (mango). Figs and blood oranges give it a lot of freshness.

Mouth : lively, unctuous. On the tip of the tongue there are tart notes of fresh fruit (grape, apple) and exotic fruits (passion fruit) bring just the right amount of acidity to its palate. It expands to become creamy (almond milk) and slightly earthy (gentian root). The finish is naturally tertiary (cocoa bean, black liquorice, tuberose, roasted walnut).

Finish: long, finely tannic. It enhances the terroir that gave birth to it. The image of an hourglass and time slowly passing by leaps to the mind. From fresh fruit (grapes) to candied fruit (apricot) and heady flowers (honeysuckle) to notes of the undergrowth (mushrooms), it constantly gains in maturity. The retro-olfaction is spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and earthy. From the empty glass, fragrances of freesia and orange blossom escape.

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25 years