1998 Domaine del Cassou 49.2%


In the commune of Arthez-d’Armagnac in Bas-Armagnac,the Domaine Del Cassou produces eaux-de-vie exclusively from the Baco grape variety, some of whose vineyard parcels are more than a century old. These eaux-de-vie are naturally fruity thanks to the use of red oak barrels during the maturation phase of the Armagnacs.


Armagnac all softness and voluptuousness. Fruity notes, very complex. A beautiful journey is proposed with this 1998 vintage.

Nose: slightly floral, spices, citrus fruits, sweet white grapes. A few notes of liquor, salted caramel and pastry notes.

Palate: orange peel, spices (cloves), candied raisins, honey, buttered pastry notes, maple syrup, liquorice, pipe tobacco. Husky earthy notes with gingerbread and blackberries, gooseberries, cranberries.

Finish: Lively, long finish with salty butterscotch, molasses, hazelnuts, a hint of fruit.

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50 cl


Années 80


Del Cassou