1996 Domaine Lous Pibous 49,8%


Made from the Folle Blanche grape variety, this 1996 vintage is remarkably fine and at the same time powerful.


Lous Pibous means ‘the poplars’ in the Gascon dialect. Located in Mauléon d’Armagnac in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac region, this estate ages its spirits in new oak barrels from the region. Made from the Folle Blanche grape variety, this 1996 vintage boasts remarkable finesse and power. The new oak lends incredible class to its flavour and aromatic palette while ensuring it remains as close as possible to the grape variety, keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

Profile: elegant. The fine but rich nose (candied oranges, beeswax) develops into balsamic notes (cedar). The palate is floral (lily of the valley, lilac) and light.

Tasting note
Appearance: magnificent orangey copper.

Nose: rich, complex. With its notes of prune, dried apricot, candied orange, beeswax, new oak and saffron, the opening is exceptionally refined. It develops notes of salted butter caramel and heady florals (peony, hyacinth). Its balsamic (cedar) and medicinal (balm) character emerges in a burst of freshness and gradually dominates.

Palate: concentrated, elegant. The attack on the palate is airy and floral (lilac, lily of the valley). Next, fine spices (cardamom, nutmeg) quickly pick up the pace. The mid-palate is dominated by concentrate of iris and fresh ginger. The same flowers make a second appearance. Various types of honey gradually coat the taste buds without ever becoming over-powering. Outstanding.

Overall: long, accomplished. Delicately chocolatey, it also boasts a hint of rancio (cherries in brandy, apricot liqueur). Evocative of harvest baskets overflowing with bunches of Folle Blanche grapes. The retro-olfaction wavers between prune, vanilla and dark chocolate. The empty glass is roasted (tobacco, coffee).

Profil : élégant. Le nez fin mais riche (oranges confites, cire d’abeille) évolue vers des notes balsamiques (cèdre). La bouche est florale (lilas, muguet) et légère

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

Lous Pibous


Folle Blanche


light, Rich


50 cl