1993 Domaine Lous Pibous 55 %


Made from the Folle Blanche grape variety, this Encantada shows a constantly renewed youth.


Made exclusively from the mad white grape variety and aged in a new oak barrel, in a dry cellar, this Bas-Armagnac distilled in 1993 reveals little by little and without restraint all the facets of its personality outside of common. The power of his spices, the full maturity of his taste palette, the infinite beauty of his color palette and his desire to always go to conquer new territories are the particularly attractive arguments that he advances with pride and which it is impossible to resist.

Appearance: deep, the nose is particularly juicy (orange) before spices of rare power (nutmeg, cloves) break out. When aired, it becomes roasted and floral. Fleshy, the mouth is finely tannic and jammy. Notes of quince jelly and beeswax testify to its maturity. Chocolatey, slightly earthy, the finish is delicious and the retro olfaction evokes a Banyuls wine.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

Années 90


Lous Pibous


Folle Blanche


50 cl