1992 Domaine del Cassou 46,4%


In the commune of Arthez-d’Armagnac in Bas-Armagnac, the Domaine Del Cassou produces eaux-de-vie exclusively from the Baco grape variety, some of whose vineyard parcels are more than a century old. These eaux-de-vie are naturally fruity thanks to the use of red oak barrels during the maturation phase of the armagnacs.


Produced from the Baco grape variety, with a copper-orange colour with an old gold sheen, this vintage takes you on a journey through the sandy soils of the Bas Armagnac.

Nose: fine, soft and deep. This vintage offers an olfactory palette of black fruits, baked apples, flowers (lily, iris). The latter evolves to give notes of pine resin, heather honey and tobacco. The olfactory palette ends with notes of candied apricots, fresh figs and roasted nuts.

Palate: this vintage is dynamic, firm, unctuous. The first notes are the last on the nose: apricots, nuts and figs. To these flavours are added sandy notes of boulbènes. The aftertaste is exotic (pineapple, passion fruit).

Finish: long and sweet. Notes of flowers (lilac, peony) embalm the finish. The empty glass gives way to aromatic plants (linden, verbena) and spices (cinnamon, clove).

Profile: nice depth. The sandy notes on the palate complement the notes of apricots, roasted nuts and fresh figs on the nose. This is characteristic of the Bas-armagnac.

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Weight 1.4 kg

50 cl


Années 90


Del Cassou


Baco, Ugni blanc