1989 Domaine Les Bidets 49,9%


Encantada is a young specialised spirit bottling house, created by a group of passionate Armagnac enthusiasts who bottle naturally (with no modification or additives) authentic Bas-Armagnacs that come essentially from selected small wine-producers who for the most part have produced for a while.

Located in the heart of the Grand Bas-Armagnac, the Domaine les Bidets is one of the most emblematic of them all.

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This estate located in the heart of “grand bas armagnac” has not distilled Armagnac since the 1990s.
The distillation was carried out on the estate using an itinerant still with simple heating; this Armagnac has never left its terroir.
This 100% Baco Armagnac has a very round and delicious first nose, it reminds me of a plate of hot garbure, it makes you want to eat!

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Années 80


Les Bidets


Delicate, light


50 cl