1987 Domaine del Cassou 45% (Copie) (Copie)


Coming exclusively from centenary Baco, the vintage of Domaine Del Cassou refused to age, more precisely, it banished from its olfactory and gustatory vocabulary any reference to wood.


Located in the Landes in the commune of Arthez-d’Armagnac, Domaine Del Cassou produces Bas-Armagnac exclusively from the Baco grape variety. Some vineyard plots are more than a century old. In order to preserve the naturally fruity character of its Armagnacs as much as possible, the estate uses only used red oak barrels for maturation. Perfectly embodying the “house spirit” and even in the very delicate woods of its finish, this 1987 vintage version is full of fruits, whether fresh, black, exotic or even dry.

Appearance : racy, the first nose is marked by citrus and fresh tobacco. When aerated, it becomes floral (linden) and herbaceous. Black and exotic fruits punctuate the aromatic palette in a beautiful way. Lively, the palate is of great floral and fruity elegance (white grapes, guava). Very finely woody, the finish is marked by notes of beeswax, fig and pink berries.

Nose : fine, racy. The first nose is marked by notes of orange peel, tangerine and fresh tobacco. Very open, it gradually becomes floral (linden) and vegetable (lichen, mushroom). Then, keeping its same chiaroscuro shades, it goes on with green licorice, milk chocolate and candied fruits (apricot, date). Black (cherry, blackberry) and exotic (mango, persimmon) fruits punctuate the aromatic palette.

Palate : lively, determined. With a line drawn in charcoal, it takes us to walk the rows of vines at the time of flowering. The entire taste palette breathes bouquets of white flowers before the mid-palate leaves on fruity ground (apple, crunchy white grapes). Refreshing, the finish is marked by notes of vanilla, coconut milk and exotic fruits (banana, guava).

Overall : fluffy, serene. Very fine woody notes (oak) give the tempo to a warm finish that explores glazed regions (beeswax, wood pulp) and spices (star anise, cloves). The retro olfaction is finely roasted (coffee, tobacco) and liquorice (zan with violet). The empty glass is marked by dried fruits (fig, nuts), marshmallow and pink berries.



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Années 80


Del Cassou